Two friends who don't always see eye-to-eye engaged in comedic conversation about life, sitcoms, monsters, relationships, and everything in between.

Episode 31: Critters Land

Shawn and Danny talk about the latest Hive/Hacienda updates, ringworm, birds in caramel, jail, doin' drugz, The Stuniverse, Shawn Problemz, Conclusion of the Screensaver Saga, Gorbitz.gub, Critters, Munchies, Hobgoblins, Gremlins, Ghoulies, Jerry Wheat, getting reported and blocked on SimCity BuiltIt

Stu Charno -- Instagram: unklstooo | YouTube: TheUnklstoo

Episode 30: Marvel VS Romney

Shawn and Danny welcome a new segment featuring actor Stu Charno, Project Runway All Stars, dumb football, zebras in Mexico, math, paranormal, Carnage, Venom, Spider-man, comics talk, William Tapley, Mitt Romney, trains, Obama, Danny Fastpaw's Fast Pick of the Week, Shawn Green's Gummy Worm Adventure, No Justice, songs, songs, songs, SorryGate

Stu Charno!! www.youtube.com/user/TheUnklstooo   &    www.instagram.com/unklstooo/


Dr. Airlines!! https://soundcloud.com/deirdre-airlines

Episode 29: Tapestry of Madness

Comedian Ryan Singer joins BT and V for our most incoherent episode yet! Rich Little, Little Richard, lying, the great fall, Hollywood sex criminals, Flowerama, country music, improv, The Wonderland Express, Greg Nichols, Lowes, LA talk, The Ranch, Shawn gets judgy about people who belive in the paranormal, aliens, UFOs, bigfoot, reptilians, vampires, wolfman, shadow people, Charlie Brown, djinn, pukwudgie, Free Masons

Check out ryansingercomedy.com

Episode 28: Michael Jackson Screensaver

Bubble Tubble and The Void are at it again bringing you Trick-em-Ups, New Year's Declarations of Intent, All That or I Don't Know 'Bout That live stream, Shawn talks about a dream he had even though its lame, Shawn comes clean on a Twitter joke, Rhett and Link suck, La Croix, Freshman, Shawn sat on Uncle Lou, friendship and Campbell's Chunky Soup

Episode 27: Merry Cursemas

Happy Holidays! The beautiful Julie Metz is here, trailer life, mistaken for famous, King Creeper Cursemas Quandary, wells, sweetmails, soccer sticks, Danny doesn't sound like Ben Folds, more singing (sorry), Santa Clause takes listener voicemails, five year plans, madebyjetpack.com, Dr. Airlines covers Bugs!!!

Episode 25: LED Pod Boyz

Graphic designer Reka Juhasz is here! Hungarian traditions, more Shawntropolis talk, the Lockhorns, #MARMALGATE, Danny keeps interrupting, Black Friday, Salvation Army, Shawn has nothing to offer, Danny VS Our Listeners, Steam Punk Raver Goggles, self-doubt

Episode 23: Weird Energy

Happy Thanksgiving! Jokeman Jarrod Johnson is in the Hacienda, DIY window tint, First Baptist Church feud, annoying audio, McDonald's memories, MVCC Halloween Spooktacular, threats, Office Depot, Dilbert, special holiday voicemail, funeral improv

Episode 22: America's Terriblest People

A nice, chill episode! Danny's new job prospects, lil pizza boy woes, FORGET MY SQUIRT?, blood, Byropod report, basement flood, Making Sunshine Out of Blood, Mario talk, nostalgia and its dangers,  and the search for America's Most Terriblest People!!


Episode 15: Weird Easter

Designer Tony Wartinger joins the show to celebrate Weird Easter, the most sacred of spooky holidays! More Bronson Beef talk, calendars, Skeleton Ghost, spaghetti, TLC, spooky story voicemail, Weepy Voice Killer, ceremonial knives, childhood memories of existential dread, Santa, quiet self reflection

Episode 14: Gettin' Dark

Shawn VS Casey of the BETTER Bronson Pinchot Fan Club, Tim Gunn: Drill Instructor, spaghetti, Daddy of Light, Final Fantasy 14, Australia, BYROPOD, power plays, voicemails, The Simpsons, Kirk Cameron


Episode 12: 200lbs of Denim

VR, Lou Grant, new segment, Jill Taylor VS Debra Barone, Nazis, Ace of Base, All That or I Don't Know 'bout That, Friends, Sekhmet, Shawn declares war with a mock Bronson Pinchot fan group EXPLAIN YOURSELVES CASEY AND PHILIP! 937-848-1112