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Two friends who don't always see eye-to-eye engaged in comedic conversation about life, sitcoms, monsters, relationships, and everything in between.

Episode 111: The Exorcism of Jonathan Van Ness

Shawn and Danny get into the Dayton Ohio mass shooting / Cable access “Halloween Spooktacular” preparations are underway! / Tweet Text: Neil deGrasse Tyson super sucks / Shawn fights people on Facebook / Shawn is a poor communicator :( / Shawn is okay mentally / Danny cracked the code of rebellion / Mom call / Shawn gets a nice gift from listener Cubby! / Night time sky fires / Silly Storiez / Shawn got scammed by a Worm Witch / Urinal troublez / Shawn goes downtown / Spooky Stories to Tell in the Pod / James Barbuchie's Fact Check! / Clearing up Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake / The Riddle Master challenges the halfwayokay Mystery Solving Society (HMSS)

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