Weird-Rad Comedy Talk!!

Two friends who don't always see eye-to-eye engaged in comedic conversation about life, sitcoms, monsters, relationships, and everything in between.

Episode 113: Casana Monica

The bombastic Eric Ditmer is here! / Beef and Chedders are different now / Space Cadet Danny Fastpaws / Mild flooding / 90s Music Scottish Invasion! / Danny is a MCU Super Fan / Pandering / Movie talk! / Introducing “halfway-o-haha!” AKA “ROFL or AWFUL” / Possibly racist jokes?? We're sorry though! / Evan Explains Basic Information That Somehow Shawn and Danny Don't Know / New voicemail rating system / Big Gamer Eric talks GAMEZ / “Acronym or Initialism or Not!” / Video Roulette / Return of comedian and entertainer David Songer / Ruby Wax confronts O.J. Simpson / Applebee's Music Video / Sarah Movie Reviewer / Black-eyed children scam artists!

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