Weird-Rad Comedy Talk!!

Two friends who don't always see eye-to-eye engaged in comedic conversation about life, sitcoms, monsters, relationships, and everything in between.

Episode 48: Dead Woman on the Plane Road

Special guest Eric Ditmer, Drac Pack!, QR code, nobody uses Safari, Shawn is threatened by Eric Ditmer's age, Youth Stingerz, Margot Kidder R.I.P., explaining guest Eric's physical appearance, Danny explains the plot of Face Off, talking about Nicolas Cage is OVER! AKA get over it! John Travolta is apparently physically, mentally, and spiritually repulsive, Choco Pocket, goblinmaze.com, Pokémon Moms, Pokémon GO talk, donations are weird, we continue to develop Operation: Aniston, Geocaching, halfway-i-pay Creamium Content, Is It Chant-Able, Polite o'Clock, Ed Armison, local nerd store Epic Loot Games keeps getting calls about Fortnight, Joyride, Joyroids, “rage against the machine, mother fucker!”, Home Improvement VS Roseanne theme songs, Shawn's Cool Stylez Corner: Mason jars, planks of reclaimed urban lumber w/ distressed sayings on them, vinyl bird decals, vinyl albums of the Byrds, fake vintage record player with a missing power supply, couple origins, rapping Pi, A Quiet Place was terrorized by Theater Budz, Danny hunts and it's weird, Matt Dingus, cool pops, Real Doll Kidz!, Lil Peanut, are you a Dayby or a Nightmare?, we are confused about most religions, The Stuniverse!!,

AFTER SHOW!!: Cat AIDS, freaking out about the idea of our pets dying, Eric gets in trouble for runnin' bitz, cool Cartman impressions, Shawn hates Travis McElroy so much

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