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Episode 51: Scarecrow Blood

Horror actress Erin R. Ryan joins Bubble Tubble and The Void! There is no difference between film and digital, tons of gift giving, lots of visual elements that make for bad audio, someone on Instagram hurt Shawn's feelings, Creamy origins, improv is a ponzi scheme, dealing with haters, Creepy Crawlers the movie????, Shawn has been over Jack Black longer than anyone, Hard Rock Cafe shirts, Surprise Trick-em-Up Interview with web celeb Little Peanut, air travel awkwardness, Shawn is a hero, MARMALGATE PART III, awesome pranks, #prankzone, Erin tells a horrible childhood story about teeth, vampires, Mummy News: Hawk Mummy, grain thief, Gorillaz/Powerpuff Girls crossover, The darker side of RICHLIFE OF ROADTRIPS, weird medical abnormalities

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