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Two friends who don't always see eye-to-eye engaged in comedic conversation about life, sitcoms, monsters, relationships, and everything in between.

Episode 71: Fritos the Clown

Shawn and Danny makin' magic once again!! Shawn's stress meter, Shawn makes plans for when/if he becomes single again, clown college, Santa college, tiny museum, Shawn Green's Anime Connection,
Dragon Ball Z, Shawn is playing Call of Duty for some reason, Jason Witten, Ray Sipe, Terry Davis, HQ Trivia: The Office, Jerry Wheat voicemails, Jimmy Civilian voicemail!, unpleasant movie theater experiences, Shawn fixed his car, Shawn plays his stand up routine that he recorded on his phone, toddler's first four words, Somebody Quiz Me, TV moms, The Connors


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