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Two friends who don't always see eye-to-eye engaged in comedic conversation about life, sitcoms, monsters, relationships, and everything in between.

Episode 72: Return to Danny Fastpaws' God Damn Castle of Blood

Welcome BACK to the Castle of Blood! Horror actor Erin R. Ryan joins the fun on this very spooky episode! Dinosaur talk, Shawn Green's face EXPOSED! Prince Adam, Blood News!! Nashville Nightmare, stabbings, robocalls, a cool clip from The Office, Parker and Grant, Spooky Story Story Submissions!! Hot Dr. Pepper (again), Halloween Jokes brought to you by Funology.com/halloween, The Loveland Frog, Thomas Lighteningbolt, Congo, Denver Spiderman, Castlevania talk, Bill O'Niel and his amazing “Spiricom” device! Danny makes his own “Spiricom” device in order to talk to REAL GHOSTS!!


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