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Episode 81: Shaq at Stalingrad

Hold on! A Shawn episode! It's Shawn Green's birthday!! It's also Jude Law's birthday... get it?? Shawn had a TERRIBLE birthday, and nobody even cares! Poor Shawn spent his entire birthday trying to figure out how to improve the show for all of you people and made zero progress then Danny come over and hassles poor poor Shawn. On his BIRTHDAY!!, Impernasiaum of Doctor Marnasiaum, Shawn's Toy Tub Treasures, Shawn uncovers white nationalist dog whistles on video streaming YouTube tutorials, Shawn is afraid to go to Trash's birthday party because he feels old and judged, Danny doesn't like the term “Latinx” but Shawn does because he vastly more progressive than Danny is, Shawn and Danny watch some great YouTube movies, Nickelodeon Visual Vapor Wave, Shawn really can't deal with the idea of turning thirty nine years old, Happy Birthday QuackityHQ, Danny brings hard-hitting articles to the show, a poor little girl gets a leech stuck in her nose for a month!! Gross!! Little Girl Sweet Dog Play Friend, sober shaming, Christmas Cracker Joke Mishaps! Shawn and Danny bicker a little bit more THE END!!


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