Weird-Rad Comedy Talk!!

Two friends who don't always see eye-to-eye engaged in comedic conversation about life, sitcoms, monsters, relationships, and everything in between.

Episode 94: Foolish Sparrow

Shawn and King Fuck are here for some more gum flappin'! / Help us celebrate Bronson Awareness Week / What would we be without a soundboard, huh? / Danny needs corks / Shawn was finally on local daytime TV but still feels hollow / How would the HWOK Imps sum up this show? / A kid playing with scissors / When is it okay to use language inflection and when is it not? / Shawn rolled his ankie while hoopin' it up with Li'llennials and now he has to wear a boot / More Queer Eye talk / Shawn covers his adventures at the Dayton Pod Fest (ad nauseam) / Swapping podcast trailers / XLR / Dave Coulier is probably racist / Shawn's Hot Cake / Mommy-Daddy Restaurant / Shawn tries to do the show solo for 10 minutes and fails at it / Voicemails / Shawn Reads A Marvin / Garfield phone beach mystery SOLVED! / Shawn and Danny bicker about the show / Danny is A Fat again / Danny repeats his eyebrow ring bit

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