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Episode 98: Teatime for Severed Heads

Welcome to level 98! / A magic wizard Freaky Fridays Shawn and Danny!? / Door Dash stories / Is is is is is / Shawn Gree'z Greenbeanz Adventurez / Real NFL tolk / Juicy Knocks / Didjinu / Gettin' Dark / The Freaky Friday bit lasts 17 minutes / Shawn tries out white slang / Giving up social media for lent / Shawn's tax update / Another five star iTombs review! / #PleaseFindIan / Big Danny's VHS Hauls / Danny's datin' / Are the California Raisins racist? / More Shawn's open mic stand up workshops / Donald Trump / Stand up comedian Nimesh Patel kicked off of stage for a joke / Danny Fastpaws presents his new segment: Sott Topic / Shawn's statue that's NOT racist / Art taught in college? / Should kids have to be vaccinated? / Legalize child labor?? / Shawn explains the United Nations A.K.A. UN / Drivin' in the Rain with Dr. James Brubaker: Decaf Coffee / Zhawn'z Zuggestionz (PEN15 on Hulu and Tux and Fanny on Instagram / Danny and Shawn engage in a 90s duel A.K.A. more loud singing (sorry) / Danny's weightless journey / DDP Yoga / BANG!

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