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Episode 47: Crocs Crisis

Bush songs, Shawn couldn't find his Crocs, Shawn's a Summer baby now, update on the The First Annual Official halfwayokay Philip J. Reed Memorial Give Us Money Fundraiser Marathon Show, taking over schools, do the “numbers” REALLY matter to Shawn??, Operation: Aniston, mastering the segue, Who's Line Is It Anyway and the Muppet Pig People of Cincinnati Ohio, Julie moves things around in our kitchen too much, first dates, Red Robin is not a good restaurant, Shawn hosts a public access improv show, Julie's good at improv, Dayton horror hosts, MORE birthday messages, we get a voice message from 'Just the Ten of Us' lead Bill Kirchenbauer, we kink shame iloveyouKT's sexy diarrhea writing prompts, yes Shawn is still working on his stand up comedy act, and the Curse of the Sandpaper Killer

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