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Episode 36: Comedy Daddy

Jarrod Johnson is here to celebrate Danny's new hair cut! We're still in a weird funk, but we talk about cool stuff! Stuff like Chick-Fil-A, birds, snakes, Smittle Victuals, werewolf masks, bestiality, Star Trek sound effect CDs, vandalism, delinquent behavior, Valentines Day, romance, Watergate Salad, tapeworms, anemia, Alexa abuse, Shawn cut himself with a knife, Suzanne Somers, Young Blood Institute, Making a Good Impression, Patrick Stewart, Squeeze-It, Gordon Ramsay, tree fire, Black Panther, Can't Hardly Wait, Dragon Ball Z, The Drac Pack, Hargle Craghammer returns, introducing magical Elvan surgeon, Sylvie Puffwater, fantasy world building, woof

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Episode 33: Roseanne Will Not Divide Us

Julie, Shawn, and Danny are hoopin' it up in the Hive/Hacienda! Car troubles, room troubles, Dragon Ball Z, Kevin Smith, Penn Jillette sucks, Crashing, Pete Holms, atheism, Matt Pinfield, Shawn's Miitomo Corner, bullying, voicemails, The Stuniverse, Danny Devito, Tim Burton, Batman, Julie Mencia: Joke thief, Rosanne, The Cranberries, Tool, Shia LaBeouf, 4Chan, Belize, tsunami, trick-em-ups, Improv Blast, Bart Simpson, Rap Gamez, Julie invites all listeners to our home for some reason, lil pizza boy life, Gribblerz

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