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Episode 53: Pickle-Party at the Skeleton House

Julie Metz joins Shawn and Danny for more great fun! Shawn doesn't like Parks and Rec because of the last two seasons, first ever HWOK field trip to get a gross gimmick fast food drink, WHIO Channel 7 local news story that will chill you to the BONE!, Danny reviews Shawn's Mixlr Car Casts, Drac Pack business, we spoil and fight about the horror film Hereditary, show favorite Tony Wartinger gets spooked by a head cabinet, Shawn and Julie do a FANTASTIC BIT that Danny doesn't appreciate at ALL, soapbox derby, “Cute-Tations”, Ernest movies staple Bill Byrge wishes us a happy anniversary!, Smartest Listener Dr. James Brubaker says Shawn's right about books n junk, Stu Charno chimes in about the infinite footprints we can make on Internet

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