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Episode 102: Pagan Winds A-Blowing

Gem City Podcast's Terry “IzzyRock” Martin AKA Bandit is here for some fun! We had to deal with a KKK rally and a bunch of tornadoes recently so this episode gets pretty weird / WARNING: Danny is the ultimate edgelord and contrarian in this episode / Shawn gets called out on his privilege / Shawn was accidentally nice to a racist / Danny gets called out for making an insensitive Facebook post / Danny wants to confront a tornado / ObamaCare Tornado Domes / Local weatherman Jamie Simpson goes off ON AIR! / Didjanu / Shawn locked himself in his bedroom / Underwear preferences / Gun talk for some reason / Shawn HATES guns / Extroverts VS Introverts / Shawn defends his stance on Game of Throes / Shawn is a Gatekeeper / Danny STILL hasn't seen Avengers: End Game / Nightmare the VHS board game / Cubby's Time Warp Weekend / Nobody likes Mandy but Shawn! / Miley Cyrus' new song /Catitude' / Blood Court: The People VS Shawn Groan II / Punk rock talk / Shawn Green's Hot Cake: Shawn can't stand the nickname “D”, “T”, or “B” / Shawn and Izzy's PC Update / The Buck Cherry Happy Hour / Danny and Shawn's wonderful friendship

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