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Episode 45: Marinara Face

Kind of a loose one! Julie's back to join in the good times! Jarrod impressions, Julie's lotion wipe, the legally blind, more horrible vet talk, Show-Killer Tony hassles Shawn about his new denim jacket, Uncle Lou is fixed, Where's Wally, England, Dumb Dumb Danny don't get jokes, metal detectors, Glycerin, Little Nicky, Adam Sandler, click click BOOM, Limp Bizkit Sunoco, marinara face, Cat Cube, Blockbuster Days, Touchdown Pictures: Old Hogs, Shawn drinks and kinda forgot what he said during this episode, Shawn yells too much, I need to stop drinking so quickly, this was eye-opening, we're not a racist, crazy pizza stories, Franklin Ohio history, Dr. Absalom Death, Homies, friend exes, Tear Drop, iTunes Review Update, haiku