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Episode 93: Huckabucka Beenstalk

We're NOT going to be doing a live podcast after all thanks for Danny's screw up / White people talkin about cold cases / halfwayokay now declares war on the living / Shawn's still doing that Instagram thing / Queer Eye season 3 / Antoni is the WORST / Jonthan RULEZ / Why come we can't wear sweatpamps to our jobs?? / Third shift gas station jobs / Vivian's Video Villiage / dancing chicken and also a duck and a rabbit / Danny confronts Shawn about his alcohol consumption / Always Be Fartin' (ABF) / Shawn is always embarrassed / Li'l Shermie's update / Danny has to be edited a lot of the time / Water balloon / Chinese bullfighting / Shawn Reads A Marvin

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