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Episode 85: Bloody Maury Povich

Lot of High Strangeness Synchronicities in this one, gang! / Shawn sends angry messages to Danny while Danny's at a funeral / Danny institutes a new show mechanic: “From Dusk Till Shawn” / Pay-it-Forward Official halfwayoky OMG Raw Pop-Tart Challenge UPDATE / Listener Steve changes Danny's mind on a controversial subject / Shawn finds a USB flash drive that he doesn't have access to / Shawn likes to find stuff on the ground, sue him!! / We're over The Masked Singer (Cho what?!) / Shawn found an offensive IOS App Store fake ad article headline and is OUTRAGED / Danny talks about a spooky dikeumentary series about goblins that are aliens from Hellier KY / Shawn's Toy Tub / Shawn's jealousy of the McElroys is real / Travis sucks so bad / Shawn always “Yes Ands” Shawn rolls a three / Bloody Maury Povich / Mr. Longlimbs pays a visit / Seasons of WHAA?! / Early 90s Fox Network sitcoms / Songs that make celebrating not working

That creepy documentary series: https://www.hellier.tv/


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Episode 29: Tapestry of Madness

Comedian Ryan Singer joins BT and V for our most incoherent episode yet! Rich Little, Little Richard, lying, the great fall, Hollywood sex criminals, Flowerama, country music, improv, The Wonderland Express, Greg Nichols, Lowes, LA talk, The Ranch, Shawn gets judgy about people who belive in the paranormal, aliens, UFOs, bigfoot, reptilians, vampires, wolfman, shadow people, Charlie Brown, djinn, pukwudgie, Free Masons

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