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Episode 101: Squirrels and Ghosts

This is our BEST episode / Danny has trouble taking a nap / Deer troubles / Shawn and Danny take joy in the awful the final season of Game of Thrones was (we didn't watch it) / Bran didn't wear shoes / Shawn is ON IT with the word association / Shawn recalls a comedic scene / Birds update! / Why aren't there any documentaries about birds or squirrels!? / Local slime news / Shawn Gree's Greenbeanz Adventurez / Shawn backed into some guy's parked car / Jamez Brubaker Adventurez / Cubby's Retro HWOK Corner / Why are people so fascinating by Horror? / A spoiler-free review of Detective Pikachu / Danny didn't like the 2018 film 'Mandy' for some reason / Danny's into bad reality ghost shows / A barn band or something IDK / Danny and Shawn play “Podcast!? I Thought You Said BODcast!” / Last Minute Game Gorner! / Final Fantasy 11 / Final Fantasy 14 / MASKULL again!

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Episode 53: Pickle-Party at the Skeleton House

Julie Metz joins Shawn and Danny for more great fun! Shawn doesn't like Parks and Rec because of the last two seasons, first ever HWOK field trip to get a gross gimmick fast food drink, WHIO Channel 7 local news story that will chill you to the BONE!, Danny reviews Shawn's Mixlr Car Casts, Drac Pack business, we spoil and fight about the horror film Hereditary, show favorite Tony Wartinger gets spooked by a head cabinet, Shawn and Julie do a FANTASTIC BIT that Danny doesn't appreciate at ALL, soapbox derby, “Cute-Tations”, Ernest movies staple Bill Byrge wishes us a happy anniversary!, Smartest Listener Dr. James Brubaker says Shawn's right about books n junk, Stu Charno chimes in about the infinite footprints we can make on Internet

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Episode 38: Strong Bad Milkshake Man

Greg Nichols finally joins the roster of HWOK characters! The STRUCTURE is at full mast! We talk about it ALL: tax season, Statue of Liberty, sign spinning, Shawn is very sick, Crazy Frog, in vitro meat, playing god, baby Jesus' crippled lamb, Greg can't stay close to the mic, Dirt Country Concert, jean shorts, breaking chairs, Serial killer Watch, cops, Greg's new job jitters, Fazoli's, The Wanderers, The Warriors, Get Out, video game talk, Puppet Master, Shawn tries to talk about Gribblerz with everyone, but Danny insists on doing a bit so we don't, Shane Green, Greg's weird head problem, Star Wars action figure market, boring guitar talk

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Episode 37: Real Life Reece Witherspoon

Introducing our new show structure which we adhere to it perfectly! Dayton Ohio politician EXPOSED, new national anthem, Chubby Checker, Special Guest: Uncle Lou, Billy Graham is dead, Nixon, Shawn's mom scolds him on Facebook, high school talk, Blue, Final Fantasy is dumb, famous blind people, Casey Cam, Guy Fieri jokes are hack, Stuniverse with Stu Charno, weed VS booze, Baskets, Zach Galifianakis, Louie Anderson, Seven Minutes in Terrible Heaven, The Imposter, we announce the Official halfwayokay Star Wars Episode I Touched By A Grandfather Action Figure Sweepstakes Contest WINNER!!

Episode 36: Comedy Daddy

Jarrod Johnson is here to celebrate Danny's new hair cut! We're still in a weird funk, but we talk about cool stuff! Stuff like Chick-Fil-A, birds, snakes, Smittle Victuals, werewolf masks, bestiality, Star Trek sound effect CDs, vandalism, delinquent behavior, Valentines Day, romance, Watergate Salad, tapeworms, anemia, Alexa abuse, Shawn cut himself with a knife, Suzanne Somers, Young Blood Institute, Making a Good Impression, Patrick Stewart, Squeeze-It, Gordon Ramsay, tree fire, Black Panther, Can't Hardly Wait, Dragon Ball Z, The Drac Pack, Hargle Craghammer returns, introducing magical Elvan surgeon, Sylvie Puffwater, fantasy world building, woof

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Episode 31: Critters Land

Shawn and Danny talk about the latest Hive/Hacienda updates, ringworm, birds in caramel, jail, doin' drugz, The Stuniverse, Shawn Problemz, Conclusion of the Screensaver Saga, Gorbitz.gub, Critters, Munchies, Hobgoblins, Gremlins, Ghoulies, Jerry Wheat, getting reported and blocked on SimCity BuiltIt

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