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Episode 100: Last Chance for Homecoming King

Our 100th episode AND the Third First Ever Friendship Clubisode - where the listeners write the show! / Crazy outsider weirdo music / Live poetry readings / Michael Caine impressions I guess / Flyin' Ryan sequel pitch / Danny tries to impress people with his musical taste / We're the MOST special podcast! / Spider-man Loves Banana's / TONS of voicemails from friends old and new and CELEBS! / Shawn and Danny punch each other as hard as they can / Shawn and Danny arm wrestle / Danny's Handy Candy Challenge-a-roony / Mutant Kroger / JUMP SCARE!! / ASMR chewing (sorry) / THE Bean Shooter Man / Scary stories! / Everybody Loves Raystone / Sherry Hursey / The Bruniverse / George Lopez Show / Gritty Perfect Strangers Plus ALF remake! / The Secret Origin of The Ghouls / Time To Disappear From YouTube / Litch Life or Road Crypts / Stories about our cats / Mayonnaise Snack Test! / Mad Libs / Adverbs / Murky Water / Behind the Seams talk / Blind Contour Drawings / Little Peanut / Len Cella of Moron Movies!! / AND DAVID FUCKING FOLEY / Taunting other rival podcasts / 20 Minutes Talk About A Beet

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Episode 95: Thank You, Garfunkel

S.G. and D.F. do it again! / Edgy Danny thinks he solved the great pronoun debate / Shawn and Danny develop some new stand up comedy jokes / Initiative: Roll Into the Twenties, Danny is a clairvoyant / welcome UK listeners / Shawn talks Brexit / Osama Ben London / Cadbury Crunchie / Steve is a thin nice / P.S. I Love You / Jason DeMoe is on THIN ICE!! / Dental fears / Danny talks about a possible career change / Video Roulette / Crazy man drinks a bottle of everclear and DIES! / Garfémon / Car Wax Commercial / Foul mouth bully child food reviewer / Bronson Awareness Update: The Ian's Hinden Pick Your Own Adventure Voicemail ♥♥♥

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Episode 82: The People vs. Shawn Groan

Danny feels bad about the last episode, Shawn reports on his experience at Trash's birthday party, Shawn is still wigging out about his advanced age, we lost the Dayton.com's Best of 2018 contest thing, Danny Fastpaws' Year of Revenge, Shawn hired a boy, Shawn comes up with a very edgy joke that's okay for him to say because he knows it bad, Shawn gets some validation, Danny wants to buy some dumb hat, Welcome to Blood Court: The People v. Shawn Groan, Taco Bell boners, Shawn is a detective and an investigative reporter now, Shawn take a Taco Bell survey because it's very good content, Due to popular demand Shawn's Toy Tub is back!! Somebody Quiz Me!! Meandering and babbling because Shawn and Danny don't know how to end the episode. True professionals!


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