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Episode 74: Dragon Dice In A Nutshell

The show is a flop from the very start! Danny's in a baaaaaad mood this week, gang! But Shawn's great and NOT in a mood! Shawn wants to play Dragon Dice!! What a card ol' Shawn is. A real cute guy! Heath bars in the bath tub, Elon Musk is a weird creep, Grimes isn't very smart, Carson Daily's favorite songs, Tetris Effect, Shawn Gree soundboard reaction voicemails! Is Shawn a Man of the World? Or a Dew-Slurpin' Hee Haw Prince of Ol' Kaintuck? Puerto Rico knowledge, Didjanu is now taking ad space, World Wide Pants, Byron Hussie's Fancy Popcorn Popcorn-Bartenders, 1-858-651-5050 Li'l Shermie's world building, Callin Jerry Wheat, Sakura Pen Touch Markers, Video Roulette, Sexual Assistance for the Obese, SoloTravelBlog, cultural appropriation, Japan!


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Episode 43: Vintage Mummies

Shawn and Danny kickin' it fun ways! Danny turns over a new leaf, Shawn's gotta get to Disney World, Shawn does NOT have a bee in his bonnet, Cheetahs update, sea monkeys, how was your Easter?, It's A Jeep Thing, McHammer, Uncle Lou has laryngitis, Rate My Tweets, Serial Kill Watch update, candy talk, egg talk, bus talk, Danny makes threats, Howie Mandel, Millionaire Matchmaker is gross, being over Star Wars, Jumanji lessons, Watch the Spaghetti Joseph, Kevin Hart, Mad Max, Stuniverse, enough with The Big Lebowski, James calls us idiots because of Roseanne, Danny was soooo wrong, Danny's bad with dates

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