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Episode 110: Indigenous Birds of Cleveland

Get ready for a weird and stilted episode, Imps! / Long-haired man Zac Reed joins the fray! / Shawn did NOT masturbate in front of anyone / Mead gifts / Shawn's jokes are ON POINT / Stranger Things 3 / Penis Jokes for Ian & Old Matt Mill / More Queer Eye talk / Shawn Gree's Greenbean Adventure: DK Effect Barcade Revisited / Danny is so anti going to bars that he dominates the conversation about it how much he's not into bars (very cool) / Pinball sucks / Answering weird messages / Zac has a master plan to take over halfwayokay / R.I.P. in advance for Valerie Harper :( / Shawn acts out to impress Zac (and it works) / They changed the disabled person symbol / Nice lady jailed for feeding stray cats?! / Shawn critiques peoples outfits they picked out to be on the TV news / More advice gets advised! / Danny's new game: “Off With Their Heads OR Right on Your Arm / A real life Richlife of Roadtrips fan caught in the wild!! / We lost the magic

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Episode 66: Spider Politics

We got the scoops! A.K.A. clown sightings, criss-cross applesauce, Danny attacks the press, Pepe the Frog has ruined frogs, rainbows, ringback tones, we're not gonna BAKE it, Herd That With Shawn, Spider Season, incest heist, braggin about autographs, “The Grave” in depth review, Kroger rapology, video game voicemail, World of Warcraft is older than Viv, Shawn opens a mysterious package, Somebody Quiz Me!, and a Stuniverse! Whatta show!!

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