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Episode 104: JK R.I.P.

It's been an off week! / Tire trouble / Shawn and Danny figure out what happens to the show when one of us dies / Danny old man gripes about how many letters are in “LGBTQA” / Shawn's punishment cover photo is finally chosen (thanks Imps!!♥) / Danny's feelin' the “podfade” and did not prepare anything for the show so he gathered a bunch of our old show notes and keeps reading from them / Somebody Quiz Me: What's Your Disney Spirit Animal? - but Danny's foul mood ruins the whole bit and upsets poor Shawn / Shawn's Green Hot Cake: Enough with the Keanu Reeves fanfare, sheeple! / Danny hated Shawn's new jacket that he was so excited about / The new Pokémon, Impidimp, is the official HWOK PKMN! / Scary Stories to Tell in the Pod / Shawn watches some scary videos AKA great audio!! / JUMP SCARE!!!! / Evan/Ethan calls in with a true life scary story!! / Shawn and Danny share our “Shadow People” stories again / Creepy voicemails / Heathcliff Cartoonist Peter Gallagher calls in!

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