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Episode 91: Tillamook Bone Baggers

Special guest Official Erik from Portland Oregon! / R.I.P. Danny's ol' uncle Archimedes The Eyeball King ;( / Fred Armisen rumors / The Liz Wilde Show / Danny doesn't Troma / John Leguizamo bullying / Shakespeare / Didjanu: Ohio Cool Factz Edition / Shawn Green Facebook Quote or Alan Jackson Lyric / Dayton is brown – not in a racist way / Portland Oregon is just California / Eugenics is BAD / The Occupy Movement meets a Charles Dickens classic / The Grosst / Shawn Green Mustard Problems / Bone Bagger Tales / Roddy Piper funeral / Portland did NOT have a Chi-Chi's / Mourning Announcements / HWOK listeners now have an official name! / AFTER SHOW / Stu Charno update / More separating art from the artist talk / Danny won't stop vaping during the After Show / Shawn's exciting Twitter battle with Jaleel White TV's Steve Urkel / More gooshy dead body stories

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