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Episode 120: Turning People Into Meat

Shawn and Danny couldn't be MORE into bringing you another smash hit pod ep! / HWOK is on Spotify now!! / Lotta behind the seams podcasting talk (sorry) / Shawn just got back from a graphic design convention which left him feeling depressed, inadequate, and unfulfilled / Shawn was undermined by a deaf girl / A different girl wouldn't empty Shawn of his bloods / Shawn loves women in business / Danny Fastpaws gets political! / Clara's Question Korner!! / Video Roulette! / Green Laugh / Hating ham sandwiches / We always thank the family at the lake / Movie talk! “Joker” beware of spoilers!!

Videos we watched:

“Green Laugh” https://youtu.be/Dqu51fEmYEA

“Fuck you you little punk” https://youtu.be/zlfanG4kfh0

“I Hate Ham Sandwiches” https://youtu.be/ahoYXea0x-c

“Trying To Sneak Up On You With A Knife But I Get Shot” https://youtu.be/nM7w51sgVlM

“A Thing That This World Could Not Give (Official Music Video)” https://youtu.be/tvBrgScfvP8

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