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Episode 80: Marmalade on 34th Street

Merry Cursemas!! Julie Metz joins Shawn and Danny for Cursemas!! We address Danny's hiatus from the show, Flight of the Navigator star Joey Cramer leaves a special holiday voicemail! The 1942 classic Holiday Inn is a REAL PROBLEM, Didjanu, gifts galore!, Marmalade galore!, PetStop, Sampa visits, Donkey Kong Country t shirt, Video Roulette, the sickly, warm sound of William Tapley's throat, female self defence, Chris Cornell masturbation shaming, blue fairies, reflecting in disgust at the old halfwayokay YouTube video series, how to get womens, Use Your Muse, and a very special visit from King Creeper!!

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Episode 43: Vintage Mummies

Shawn and Danny kickin' it fun ways! Danny turns over a new leaf, Shawn's gotta get to Disney World, Shawn does NOT have a bee in his bonnet, Cheetahs update, sea monkeys, how was your Easter?, It's A Jeep Thing, McHammer, Uncle Lou has laryngitis, Rate My Tweets, Serial Kill Watch update, candy talk, egg talk, bus talk, Danny makes threats, Howie Mandel, Millionaire Matchmaker is gross, being over Star Wars, Jumanji lessons, Watch the Spaghetti Joseph, Kevin Hart, Mad Max, Stuniverse, enough with The Big Lebowski, James calls us idiots because of Roseanne, Danny was soooo wrong, Danny's bad with dates

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