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Episode 109: Great Value Brand Nemesis

The pod fade is REAL, folks! / Pool Nachos / Danny thinks beers are cool now JK / Shawn's cool vacation recap / Shawn has a fantastic new character based on putting shells in his mouth / Shawn shares some of his musical art / Danny's dental experience / Shawn takes HIMSELF to Clown Court / FaceApp / Russians / Shawn has to make calls / Shawn ends up pranking Domino's / Dead body donation company sells body parts on the black market!! / James “Butter Pecan” Brubaker calls in to tell us 'bout our generations / Listener Chelsea is seeking some life advice / Being a good neighbor / Shawn tries very hard to tell you about Paul Bellini's old comedy punk band but Danny keeps being awful / Queer Eye season 4 talk

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