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Two friends who don't always see eye-to-eye engaged in comedic conversation about life, sitcoms, monsters, relationships, and everything in between.

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Episode 93: Huckabucka Beenstalk

We're NOT going to be doing a live podcast after all thanks for Danny's screw up / White people talkin about cold cases / halfwayokay now declares war on the living / Shawn's still doing that Instagram thing / Queer Eye season 3 / Antoni is the WORST / Jonthan RULEZ / Why come we can't wear sweatpamps to our jobs?? / Third shift gas station jobs / Vivian's Video Villiage / dancing chicken and also a duck and a rabbit / Danny confronts Shawn about his alcohol consumption / Always Be Fartin' (ABF) / Shawn is always embarrassed / Li'l Shermie's update / Danny has to be edited a lot of the time / Water balloon / Chinese bullfighting / Shawn Reads A Marvin

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Episode 39: Silli Vanilli and the Limp Bizkit Picnic

Shawn and Danny can't stop! We cover smart animals, worshiping elephants, Christianity, workshoping Shawn's open mic comedy set, grandpa behind the seams, Battle Beasts, Crossfire, Dogmen, Adena culture, giant cats, wolves, Strangers: Prey At Night, don't eat at Fazoli's, The Cheetahs, denim jackets, Danny doesn't listen, Shawn's poor self image, Macy's is awful, Julie body shames Shawn, Serial Killer Watch Update, Pauline Dakin

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