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Episode 112: Computer Grandparents

The ACER is jacked in and ready to go! / Shawn and Danny make some art! / It's SWEEPS! / Gateway Computers are basically free CDs / News Paper Party: TV Man!! / Anti-Trump boycott list! / Bob Evans merch / halfwayokay Mystery Solving Society (HMSS) solves another mystery! / Shawn tells the story about how he catfished a bunch of dudes on MySpace / Computer family / Custom HWOK Winamp skins / Scary Stories to Tell in the Pod / “Champ” the Lake Monster and other cryptids / Todd Faucet please call us / Weird childhood stories / High school Shawn's hit list / Monster Energy Drink harmlesss? Or a tool for Satan's witchcraft?! / Just A Giggle-O ROUND 2!! / Instagram rando leaves us a voicemail! / Danny wants a God Helmet

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Episode 59: Siania Maramaze

Actor Erin R. Ryan is here talking about scorpion mice! The Alt-Right ruined frogs, correcting naming confusion, Sigur Rós is for lamewads, Harry Potty, earwax defense, horror flavored reboots abounds, Buffy talk, remembering the one time Danny and Shawn went to see poetry, Danny doesn't like poetry, Dead Journal memories, Elf Power, Sgt Dave deep dive, polio awareness, The Computer Man, sandwich talk, McDonald's cheese tendril, banana trash bread, bad breakfast bread etiquette, Slaughterhouse Slumber Party

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