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Episode 42: Baptism in Teeth

Shawn, Danny, and Jarrod makes three! Out of sync sorta beat-boxing , taking very real listener calls LIVE, Police Academy, Shawn's 20 year feud with The Refreshments is over, Danny keeps interjecting making it difficult for Shawn to explain himself properly, Jumanji, Sneaky Pete again, Seven, Netflix, baptisms, Danny calls Mother Teresa a “B”, Crocodile Mile, we continue to craft Shawn's open mic set, Tennessee can burn, salt water taffy, dentist time travel conspiracies, Shawn talks too fast, we cover ABC's Roseanne revival, more Giovanni Ribisi, good gravy tonight, Andrew Keegan's cult, cult talk, zeebo zabbo, Optimists Club, Human Babies, Stuniverse, Crocodile Heaven

Thanks too all of our female listeners!!

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