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Episode 74: Dragon Dice In A Nutshell

The show is a flop from the very start! Danny's in a baaaaaad mood this week, gang! But Shawn's great and NOT in a mood! Shawn wants to play Dragon Dice!! What a card ol' Shawn is. A real cute guy! Heath bars in the bath tub, Elon Musk is a weird creep, Grimes isn't very smart, Carson Daily's favorite songs, Tetris Effect, Shawn Gree soundboard reaction voicemails! Is Shawn a Man of the World? Or a Dew-Slurpin' Hee Haw Prince of Ol' Kaintuck? Puerto Rico knowledge, Didjanu is now taking ad space, World Wide Pants, Byron Hussie's Fancy Popcorn Popcorn-Bartenders, 1-858-651-5050 Li'l Shermie's world building, Callin Jerry Wheat, Sakura Pen Touch Markers, Video Roulette, Sexual Assistance for the Obese, SoloTravelBlog, cultural appropriation, Japan!


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