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Episode 103: She Said Yes

Danny Fastpaws' cousin Buddy Fastpaws comes by the show and Shawn learns a lot about himself! / Danny and Shawn play “Podcast!? I Thought You Said BODcast: The Return” / Shawn thinks his Facebook friends are very stupid people / Shawn finally saw The Blair Witch Project / Lotta video game talk E3's Game Gorner XL!! / Shawn is kinda over Pokémon!? / Shawn started sculpting and it was a fantastic experience but Danny doesn't like what Shawn made so fuck Shawn I guess / Shawn lends his fantastic voice acting skills to anyone who is making a video game / Video Roulette / A woman who hates farters FARTS!? / Big Man From Brooklyn: The Voice of the People / Monster Trucks / Sgt. Slaughter / Sgt. Dave / Polos is Life

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Episode 46: Goblin Maze

A very “behind the seams” episode! Shawn and Danny attack Redditors for hurting our feelings and it coes off VERY scatterbrained and defensive . The Verdict: If you don't get Weird/Rad then GET LOST!! The Ramen Noodle is a lamewad, we are 100% equal to or better than Andy Kaufman in every way (R.I.P.), We are not My Brother My Brother and Me, Newhart references, “iloveyouKT” is just awful, Reddit is awful, sexy bimbos and hunky monster scientists, we love Boston, toxic friendships, Danny ranks our listeners, announcing The First Annual Official halfwayokay Philip J. Reed Memorial Give Us Money Fundraiser Marathon Show: It's What He Would Have Wanted, Blobfest, Danny Fastpaws Birthday Wishes 2018, Shawn and Danny also attack a man just trying to run a respectful Perfect Strangers review blog, long live the Bronson Meerkats, Hellevator talk, The Soska Sisters, Parking Budz, world fleas

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