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Episode 85: Bloody Maury Povich

Lot of High Strangeness Synchronicities in this one, gang! / Shawn sends angry messages to Danny while Danny's at a funeral / Danny institutes a new show mechanic: “From Dusk Till Shawn” / Pay-it-Forward Official halfwayoky OMG Raw Pop-Tart Challenge UPDATE / Listener Steve changes Danny's mind on a controversial subject / Shawn finds a USB flash drive that he doesn't have access to / Shawn likes to find stuff on the ground, sue him!! / We're over The Masked Singer (Cho what?!) / Shawn found an offensive IOS App Store fake ad article headline and is OUTRAGED / Danny talks about a spooky dikeumentary series about goblins that are aliens from Hellier KY / Shawn's Toy Tub / Shawn's jealousy of the McElroys is real / Travis sucks so bad / Shawn always “Yes Ands” Shawn rolls a three / Bloody Maury Povich / Mr. Longlimbs pays a visit / Seasons of WHAA?! / Early 90s Fox Network sitcoms / Songs that make celebrating not working

That creepy documentary series: https://www.hellier.tv/


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Episode 60: Level 1 Dwarven Mom

Hey mon! Special guest Eric Ditmer joins us! Shawn is stressed and is also a hero, NEW HWOK SHIRTS!!, Danny's Mutant Roundup presents Sarah Hayes, holidays, movie reviews, Will Wonkers and the Candy Place, Oompa Loompas aren't self-sufficient, Trick-or-Treat ethics, we love Sarah Hayes, Show Notes Roulette, underage club/bar entry using Door Dash, test drive bummer, car talk, Danny tries to pick a fight about cars for some reason, Dungeon and Dragon ethics, scale mail bracers, goblins are babies, Danny makes us to through a very expansive, mind-bending adventure.

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