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Episode 106: Funeral For A Computer

Shawn seeks the man with sapphire eyes / More flat tires!? / Shawn has a TRUE Tale or Horror: Curse of the Jiggle Mower / CRISIS ALERT: The Office will be leaving Netflips / Giovanni Ribisi Day is a-comin'! / Danny may have to become a Republican against his will / “Diamond” David Lee Roth offensive?? / R.I.P. Max Wright / GAME GORNER / Harry Potter: Wizards Unite! / Super Mario Maker 2 / The halfwayokay Mystery Solving Society (HMSS) solves it's first case AKA The Plot Thickens / A nice listener leaves a kind voicemail / Hartley Hare calls in with a Scary Story to Tell in the Pod / Video Showcase/ 1966 on 2000 / Shawn explains the Cold War / The Future of Real Estate: The Secret Origins of Shawn Green

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Episode 59: Siania Maramaze

Actor Erin R. Ryan is here talking about scorpion mice! The Alt-Right ruined frogs, correcting naming confusion, Sigur Rós is for lamewads, Harry Potty, earwax defense, horror flavored reboots abounds, Buffy talk, remembering the one time Danny and Shawn went to see poetry, Danny doesn't like poetry, Dead Journal memories, Elf Power, Sgt Dave deep dive, polio awareness, The Computer Man, sandwich talk, McDonald's cheese tendril, banana trash bread, bad breakfast bread etiquette, Slaughterhouse Slumber Party

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