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Episode 73: Wayward Shawn

Welcome first time listeners!! More Danny Door Dash antics! Shawn wants to claim the “halfwayokay” name on SnapChat, Incels are the worst, Shawn is still having issues with this appearance because he was an idiot and shaved his beard for a costume, Danny made a soundboard, Trick or Treating, Shawn tries so very hard to talk about something, but Danny refuses to let Shawn talk because he keeps saying “Uh oh” and playing with this soundboard and it's exhausting, Shark Tank! Curling, Shawn introduces the “Li'l Shermie's” Creative and Communal Thought Exercise, Haunting of Hill House talk, JUMP SCARE, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Shawn reads from a Jughead and Friends Digest Magazine (very funny), Shawn Green's Mutant Roundup: Ed Shipek A.K.A. Mr. Sunshine, pro wrestling, Florida, JUMP SCARE!! Does anyone read these? Say “I DOES” in the halfwayokay Friendship Club or @halfwayokay on Twitter. There will be no prize.


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