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Two friends who don't always see eye-to-eye engaged in comedic conversation about life, sitcoms, monsters, relationships, and everything in between.

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Episode 99: Eleven Kisses

R U in the ZONE?? / First episode with a live/silent studio audience / Danny talk about smoochin' his new GF / Danny is very disappointed in our listeners :( / Coyote charity / Quit DMing Shawn / HWOK moving to Thursday!? / Stalingrad is NOT in Germany / Shawn really doubles down on saying names wrong and it's a bit too much / halfwayokay loves Chris Lilley / Shawn is sick and STILL has a hurt ankle and he's chemically angry / Shawn want's the be a sorcerer / Shawn Gree'z Greenbeanz Adventure / Shawn casts judgment stones at an idiot fuckface old baby boomer man / Man, Shawn is pretty annoying in this one. We're sorry about that. / halfwayokay Tech Newz or Tech Bluez / For some reason Danny defends Alex Jones!?? / Seriously, it's upsetting to listen to WTF!? / Really messed up, man. / Facebook throws its hat into the dating app arena! / Instagram getting rid of likes?? / The Hive laptop stopped charging!! / DON'T kill for us / “Scary Stories to the in the Pod” / The following is some of the most upsetting HWOK stuff you'll hear / “My Dead Great Grandma's Coffin in My Own Backyard!” / Girls hiding in crawlspaces / Danny defends Pewdiepie for some reason / “Real” ghosts captured on video tape! / JUMP SCARE!!

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Episode 64: The Secret Tickle

Shawn and Danny are on this episode! They talk about cookies, Mourning Announcements *BONG*, Spooktacular talk, Shawn tries to workshop a joke with Danny but Danny doesn't cooperate (shocker), the Wayans Brothers, the Franklin Public Pool, R.I.P. Parks and Rec bit actor John McCain, Sonic the Hedgehog, Danny and Shawn explore progressive terms, The Great Shawn V Danny Nice Debate continues, kitchen phones, #DumbEricDitmerIdeas, Arnold Schwarzenegger impressions are lame, cemetery fights, Marry Date Dump, bickering and fights, RICHLIFE OF ROADTRIPS is BACK and harassing BW3 servers!

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