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Episode 90: The Hermit's Tower

Shawn and Danny tackle some real complex issues / Danny came into Shawn's house openly armed with a cowboy gun / Shawn hates guns / Recounting the time Shawn and Julie were accosted by a gunman at a coffee shop / DELL pants / Shawn hates “tactical” things / Ohio is racist / “You do you” / Big Lemeowski / R.I.P. Luke Perry and Keith Flint / Perfect Circle of Life / Game Gorner: Pokémon Sword and Shield / Danny makes a joke about Shawn being super into Deadpool and it KILLS / Shawn tries out a hat / Shawn is UNIMPRESSED by Umbrella Academy / Shawn Green Facebook Quote or Alan Jackson Lyric / Michael Jackson / Bill Cosby / Charles Dickens / Daniel Johnston / Forrest Carter / Separating art from the artists is a complicated issue! / Danny and Shawn talk about pronouns

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