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Episode 99: Eleven Kisses

R U in the ZONE?? / First episode with a live/silent studio audience / Danny talk about smoochin' his new GF / Danny is very disappointed in our listeners :( / Coyote charity / Quit DMing Shawn / HWOK moving to Thursday!? / Stalingrad is NOT in Germany / Shawn really doubles down on saying names wrong and it's a bit too much / halfwayokay loves Chris Lilley / Shawn is sick and STILL has a hurt ankle and he's chemically angry / Shawn want's the be a sorcerer / Shawn Gree'z Greenbeanz Adventure / Shawn casts judgment stones at an idiot fuckface old baby boomer man / Man, Shawn is pretty annoying in this one. We're sorry about that. / halfwayokay Tech Newz or Tech Bluez / For some reason Danny defends Alex Jones!?? / Seriously, it's upsetting to listen to WTF!? / Really messed up, man. / Facebook throws its hat into the dating app arena! / Instagram getting rid of likes?? / The Hive laptop stopped charging!! / DON'T kill for us / “Scary Stories to the in the Pod” / The following is some of the most upsetting HWOK stuff you'll hear / “My Dead Great Grandma's Coffin in My Own Backyard!” / Girls hiding in crawlspaces / Danny defends Pewdiepie for some reason / “Real” ghosts captured on video tape! / JUMP SCARE!!

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