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Episode 95: Thank You, Garfunkel

S.G. and D.F. do it again! / Edgy Danny thinks he solved the great pronoun debate / Shawn and Danny develop some new stand up comedy jokes / Initiative: Roll Into the Twenties, Danny is a clairvoyant / welcome UK listeners / Shawn talks Brexit / Osama Ben London / Cadbury Crunchie / Steve is a thin nice / P.S. I Love You / Jason DeMoe is on THIN ICE!! / Dental fears / Danny talks about a possible career change / Video Roulette / Crazy man drinks a bottle of everclear and DIES! / Garfémon / Car Wax Commercial / Foul mouth bully child food reviewer / Bronson Awareness Update: The Ian's Hinden Pick Your Own Adventure Voicemail ♥♥♥

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