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Episode 100: Last Chance for Homecoming King

Our 100th episode AND the Third First Ever Friendship Clubisode - where the listeners write the show! / Crazy outsider weirdo music / Live poetry readings / Michael Caine impressions I guess / Flyin' Ryan sequel pitch / Danny tries to impress people with his musical taste / We're the MOST special podcast! / Spider-man Loves Banana's / TONS of voicemails from friends old and new and CELEBS! / Shawn and Danny punch each other as hard as they can / Shawn and Danny arm wrestle / Danny's Handy Candy Challenge-a-roony / Mutant Kroger / JUMP SCARE!! / ASMR chewing (sorry) / THE Bean Shooter Man / Scary stories! / Everybody Loves Raystone / Sherry Hursey / The Bruniverse / George Lopez Show / Gritty Perfect Strangers Plus ALF remake! / The Secret Origin of The Ghouls / Time To Disappear From YouTube / Litch Life or Road Crypts / Stories about our cats / Mayonnaise Snack Test! / Mad Libs / Adverbs / Murky Water / Behind the Seams talk / Blind Contour Drawings / Little Peanut / Len Cella of Moron Movies!! / AND DAVID FUCKING FOLEY / Taunting other rival podcasts / 20 Minutes Talk About A Beet

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