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Episode 61: First Degree Hurt Feelin'

Shawn talks about his Chicago trip, Ms Pac-Man will could kill you, Second City, Good Will Hunting is a good movie, Danny reviews the World of Warcraft film, we declare war on GSTV.com, Shawn is annoyed by one of the Key and Peeles, more Mutant Roundup! This time it's TONS of convoluted “Richlifesz of Roadtrips” coverage so buckle the fuck in, love, betrayal, goblin matrons, Walmart, high speed car chases, dash cams, human suffering!

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Episode 32: Ant Husbandry

Jarrod Johnson is here! Family altercations, Aziz Ansari, “Tucker”, is Chicago the midwest?, Will Smith, Bright, orcs, unicorns, Andy Serkis, Trick-em-Ups, Facebook streaming clowns, Chat Roulette, Cassano's Pizza, snow dayz, The Stuniverse, Stu Charno, haiku, smiling, the future is bleak, 3D Doritos, Pawsitive Thinking: Love & Dating, Australian Dating Man, negging, is your crush a MySpace player?, ant farms, snakes, Hogwarts

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