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Episode 101: Squirrels and Ghosts

This is our BEST episode / Danny has trouble taking a nap / Deer troubles / Shawn and Danny take joy in the awful the final season of Game of Thrones was (we didn't watch it) / Bran didn't wear shoes / Shawn is ON IT with the word association / Shawn recalls a comedic scene / Birds update! / Why aren't there any documentaries about birds or squirrels!? / Local slime news / Shawn Gree's Greenbeanz Adventurez / Shawn backed into some guy's parked car / Jamez Brubaker Adventurez / Cubby's Retro HWOK Corner / Why are people so fascinating by Horror? / A spoiler-free review of Detective Pikachu / Danny didn't like the 2018 film 'Mandy' for some reason / Danny's into bad reality ghost shows / A barn band or something IDK / Danny and Shawn play “Podcast!? I Thought You Said BODcast!” / Last Minute Game Gorner! / Final Fantasy 11 / Final Fantasy 14 / MASKULL again!

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