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Episode 84: Tito, Louise, and the Fat King

Itza Ramble-Cast, folks! / Politics & Racism / We're in a rut / Shawn tries to make some points but Danny keeps interrupting (shocker) / Shawn will block you on Facebook if you start spouting politics different than his / MAGA babies harassing Native Americans / Starbucks seasonal cookies / Shawn doesn't come up with good episode titles SOO FUNNY / Shawn had his Netflix account stolen / Byron is too edgy for Shawn / Shawn and Danny talk about bad words and their ethics / Tuesday Bassen / Danny gets into body shaming / Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse was GREAT / Dog Dish tales / Introducing The Pay-it-Forward Official halfwayoky OMG Raw Pop-Tart Challenge #kelloggs #poptarts #oldnavy / More Masked Singer talk / Rate My Tweets / The last 10 minutes are genuinely painful to listen to, but they are uncut, unedited and authentic because THAT'S what you have come to expect from the halfwayokay brand! Good night everybody!


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Episode 67: Weird Easter: The Harvest

It's Weird Easter is a fine holiday! Almost as good as the anniversery of Bruce Almighty's theatrical release! We immediately ask our lovely guest designer and “bud” Tony Wartinger about his dating habits and he gets VERY uncomfortable, also Project Runway news!! Audrey is Listener of the Month, Yeses or Noses, Weird Easter gift exchanges, butt size, James Brubaker reads us a scary story with SWEARS, Shawn is more well-read than Danny/Tony, Big Bird is the Mothman, Golden State Killer silly audio, arsonist teens, Shawn's karaoke bit falls flat and he blames it on Danny, new shirt announcement!! Candy corn hot takes, spooky scary, quiet reflection Stu Charno and MORE!! HAPPY WEIRD EASTER!!

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Episode 30: Marvel VS Romney

Shawn and Danny welcome a new segment featuring actor Stu Charno, Project Runway All Stars, dumb football, zebras in Mexico, math, paranormal, Carnage, Venom, Spider-man, comics talk, William Tapley, Mitt Romney, trains, Obama, Danny Fastpaw's Fast Pick of the Week, Shawn Green's Gummy Worm Adventure, No Justice, songs, songs, songs, SorryGate

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