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Episode 63: Smellman of Hobgoblin Swamp

We are back after a long week to give you comedy and joy! Danny is shy, Shawn's been doing some emotional eating, cereal box reviews, what to do with the old HWOK YouTube channel, Kettering Ohio Skeleton House Update, Black Licorice Mentos, the airplane wasn't on fire, Danny reads Shawn's old show notes, iPood, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, Jerry Seinfeld: ENEMY OF THE SHOW, Don Tramp: ENEMY OF THE SHOW, Successful People VS Unsuccessful People, is Shawn a Man of the World or a Smellman of Hobgoblin Swamp, basic facts of Mexico, Canadian McDonald's street fight!, Mutant Roundup featuring American Josh the man behind the independent cinema masterpiece: Red River, and some idiot talking about cereal, also a sick new song from Official Viv!

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