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Episode 82: The People vs. Shawn Groan

Danny feels bad about the last episode, Shawn reports on his experience at Trash's birthday party, Shawn is still wigging out about his advanced age, we lost the Dayton.com's Best of 2018 contest thing, Danny Fastpaws' Year of Revenge, Shawn hired a boy, Shawn comes up with a very edgy joke that's okay for him to say because he knows it bad, Shawn gets some validation, Danny wants to buy some dumb hat, Welcome to Blood Court: The People v. Shawn Groan, Taco Bell boners, Shawn is a detective and an investigative reporter now, Shawn take a Taco Bell survey because it's very good content, Due to popular demand Shawn's Toy Tub is back!! Somebody Quiz Me!! Meandering and babbling because Shawn and Danny don't know how to end the episode. True professionals!


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