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Episode 106: Funeral For A Computer

Shawn seeks the man with sapphire eyes / More flat tires!? / Shawn has a TRUE Tale or Horror: Curse of the Jiggle Mower / CRISIS ALERT: The Office will be leaving Netflips / Giovanni Ribisi Day is a-comin'! / Danny may have to become a Republican against his will / “Diamond” David Lee Roth offensive?? / R.I.P. Max Wright / GAME GORNER / Harry Potter: Wizards Unite! / Super Mario Maker 2 / The halfwayokay Mystery Solving Society (HMSS) solves it's first case AKA The Plot Thickens / A nice listener leaves a kind voicemail / Hartley Hare calls in with a Scary Story to Tell in the Pod / Video Showcase/ 1966 on 2000 / Shawn explains the Cold War / The Future of Real Estate: The Secret Origins of Shawn Green

Give us your mysteries!! We'll solve 'em!

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Episode 96: Where the Roses Don't Fade

Shawn is amped up and Danny is outta his sarcophaghost and they're ready to give YOU the goods! / Dealing with stress / Shawn's idiot medical boot / Shawn's Hot Cake: Profoundly.me is SOOOO embarrassing and also a plague and Shawn hates it / Nostalgia about MySpace and Blockbuster / Didjanu: Taxes are stupid / Shawn learns about City Taxes / Waaaay too much “gun talk” / Actual Shawn Green Social Media Quote or Alan Jackson Lyric / Shawn is faced with his most cringeoid, embarrassing social media post of his online life / Shawn and Danny are SOOOO over Star Wars / The Joker / Game Gorner / Bethesdo Presents Early Access Older Scrollz: Blades expert review / Shawn is #McWoke / James Brubaker what is “virtue signaling” / “Cracks” - a weird, upsetting, and haunted Sesame Street animation from the 1970s / Julie joins to talk about the strangeness that is “Dot and the Kangaroo” / Tom Raper's RV's name change / Mystery voicemail / Richlife voicemail / Ben Shapiro has gross, small, teeths/ AFK / Return to Innocence

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Voicemail Line: 937-848-1112

Twitter, Facebook: @halfwayokay

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Episode 50: A Brisk Skedaddle

Fifty episodes! Can ya believe it!? Shawn is a victim, Shawn learns how zippers work, Everyman Comedian Rauly Dale, haflwayokay Book Club: The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger, Shawn has no critical thinking skills, Danny goes to an Indie Horror Film Festival, Danny explains a movie again, this time it's indie horror film Bonehill Road, wolfmans, Winchester Mystery House, Shawn Green Newz: Harvey Weinstine's awfulness may be threatening Project Runway, Georgina Chapman, Trading Spaces is a good show, Ultimate YouTube Drama: RICHLIFE OF ROADTRIPS and BIG MAN, #tatergate, Julie joins us mid show and it's a delight! Julie and Danny don't like Star Trek, Dear Greg Nichols, Aftershow madness