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Episode 96: Where the Roses Don't Fade

Shawn is amped up and Danny is outta his sarcophaghost and they're ready to give YOU the goods! / Dealing with stress / Shawn's idiot medical boot / Shawn's Hot Cake: Profoundly.me is SOOOO embarrassing and also a plague and Shawn hates it / Nostalgia about MySpace and Blockbuster / Didjanu: Taxes are stupid / Shawn learns about City Taxes / Waaaay too much “gun talk” / Actual Shawn Green Social Media Quote or Alan Jackson Lyric / Shawn is faced with his most cringeoid, embarrassing social media post of his online life / Shawn and Danny are SOOOO over Star Wars / The Joker / Game Gorner / Bethesdo Presents Early Access Older Scrollz: Blades expert review / Shawn is #McWoke / James Brubaker what is “virtue signaling” / “Cracks” - a weird, upsetting, and haunted Sesame Street animation from the 1970s / Julie joins to talk about the strangeness that is “Dot and the Kangaroo” / Tom Raper's RV's name change / Mystery voicemail / Richlife voicemail / Ben Shapiro has gross, small, teeths/ AFK / Return to Innocence

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Episode 57: Horse Coffins

It's the 'halfwayokay Friendship Clubisode', where YOU the listener provides the content for us! This was a blast to do! Thanks everyone!! Shawn and Danny have a restaurant fight, Danny is insulted because I don't invite him along on everything I do, Shawn still can't stop thinking about a Ms Pac-man cocktail arcade game, Run For Cover Lover, Chow Daddy, Pizza Pizza Lunchables taste test,
justpassingby1964, Beethoven's 2nd, The Ranch and Beethoven's 2nd Danny Masterson connection, horse coffins, M*A*S*H* is a bad show, David Barrett translation of Aristophanes's Thesmophoriazusae, Shawn's (Mike A's) Yelp reviews, Gilmore Girls Queer Eye crossover, halfwayokay debate off, Spaghetti-O's, Danny Fastpaws' Camping Tipz, embarrassing moments, we kinda get sleep towards the end...

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