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Episode 101: Squirrels and Ghosts

This is our BEST episode / Danny has trouble taking a nap / Deer troubles / Shawn and Danny take joy in the awful the final season of Game of Thrones was (we didn't watch it) / Bran didn't wear shoes / Shawn is ON IT with the word association / Shawn recalls a comedic scene / Birds update! / Why aren't there any documentaries about birds or squirrels!? / Local slime news / Shawn Gree's Greenbeanz Adventurez / Shawn backed into some guy's parked car / Jamez Brubaker Adventurez / Cubby's Retro HWOK Corner / Why are people so fascinating by Horror? / A spoiler-free review of Detective Pikachu / Danny didn't like the 2018 film 'Mandy' for some reason / Danny's into bad reality ghost shows / A barn band or something IDK / Danny and Shawn play “Podcast!? I Thought You Said BODcast!” / Last Minute Game Gorner! / Final Fantasy 11 / Final Fantasy 14 / MASKULL again!

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Episode 90: The Hermit's Tower

Shawn and Danny tackle some real complex issues / Danny came into Shawn's house openly armed with a cowboy gun / Shawn hates guns / Recounting the time Shawn and Julie were accosted by a gunman at a coffee shop / DELL pants / Shawn hates “tactical” things / Ohio is racist / “You do you” / Big Lemeowski / R.I.P. Luke Perry and Keith Flint / Perfect Circle of Life / Game Gorner: Pokémon Sword and Shield / Danny makes a joke about Shawn being super into Deadpool and it KILLS / Shawn tries out a hat / Shawn is UNIMPRESSED by Umbrella Academy / Shawn Green Facebook Quote or Alan Jackson Lyric / Michael Jackson / Bill Cosby / Charles Dickens / Daniel Johnston / Forrest Carter / Separating art from the artists is a complicated issue! / Danny and Shawn talk about pronouns

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Episode 55: Ashton Kutcher Apologist

Shawn and Danny spend 5 minutes troubleshooting an audio issue that's slowly driving Shawn to lose is mind. We thought it was funny to keep it in. It's okay. It's the WORST time to start watching Handmaid's Tale! If you're not jacked in, you're nothing, Shawn is a workplace hero, Pokémon Quest is a dumb, they're trying to push Eevee on us as a starter Pokémon and its bullshit, Toys R Us closure, Shawn wants to get into Skylanders, Danny has an awful customer service experience at a local book store, do we have any non-white listeners?, Danny's war on blondes, Tony bailed!, we get into The Ranch and gross, dumb Danny Masterson, characters in sitcoms laughing is weird, will Shawn ever know peace?, don't watch Wild Beasts, Italian horror films, knife slushed, Somebody Quiz Me: Queer Eye Edition!

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