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Episode 50: A Brisk Skedaddle

Fifty episodes! Can ya believe it!? Shawn is a victim, Shawn learns how zippers work, Everyman Comedian Rauly Dale, haflwayokay Book Club: The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger, Shawn has no critical thinking skills, Danny goes to an Indie Horror Film Festival, Danny explains a movie again, this time it's indie horror film Bonehill Road, wolfmans, Winchester Mystery House, Shawn Green Newz: Harvey Weinstine's awfulness may be threatening Project Runway, Georgina Chapman, Trading Spaces is a good show, Ultimate YouTube Drama: RICHLIFE OF ROADTRIPS and BIG MAN, #tatergate, Julie joins us mid show and it's a delight! Julie and Danny don't like Star Trek, Dear Greg Nichols, Aftershow madness