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Episode 36: Comedy Daddy

Jarrod Johnson is here to celebrate Danny's new hair cut! We're still in a weird funk, but we talk about cool stuff! Stuff like Chick-Fil-A, birds, snakes, Smittle Victuals, werewolf masks, bestiality, Star Trek sound effect CDs, vandalism, delinquent behavior, Valentines Day, romance, Watergate Salad, tapeworms, anemia, Alexa abuse, Shawn cut himself with a knife, Suzanne Somers, Young Blood Institute, Making a Good Impression, Patrick Stewart, Squeeze-It, Gordon Ramsay, tree fire, Black Panther, Can't Hardly Wait, Dragon Ball Z, The Drac Pack, Hargle Craghammer returns, introducing magical Elvan surgeon, Sylvie Puffwater, fantasy world building, woof

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