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Episode 87: Badger With A Tooth Cake

Shawn carries the entire episode! / Danny is sick :( / Shawn is worried about new listeners impressions of the show / Danny rewatched Deadwood and now won't stop saying “cocksucker” / Shawn is very awoken / From Dusk Till Shawn / Danny has developed a new system for dealing with a flustered Shawn: 25 Weird Rules The Cast Of Counting Cars Has To Follow / Shawn watches and reviews Horrible Bosses 2 / Defending Jason Bateman (again) / Contrarians – oof!! / Russian Doll is pretty good / Netflips / American Pie is the Millennial's Forest Gump / Shawn can't remember any Counting Crows song / You're On Thin Ice! / cheese puns / Allie and Hinez / the Second First Annual Official Philip J. Reed Memorial “Give Us Money” Fundraiser Marathon Show (It's What He Would've Wanted) / Blob Fest 2019 / Game Gorner! / The Final Fantasy XIV talk goes on for too long (sorry) / More Masked Singer talk I guess / Danny goes on an old man rant about social media / Shawn and Danny go down social media provider memory lane / Episode 87: Toy Tub: Burial at Sea / The thrilling continuation of The Ian's Hinden Pick Your Own Adventure Voicemail / Just three more crystals to collect!!


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